Don’t Forget Eye Protection on the Trails

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There are endless outdoor adventures throughout New Mexico, from the deserts to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. There is, however, a challenge that comes with this breathtaking scenery… protecting your eyes from the elements. You can keep your eyes safe while tackling those trails by following these tips.

Eye Protection Tips for New Mexico Hikers

Make sure you pack eye protection when you go hiking in New Mexico. With New Mexico’s high altitude, you’ll get a lot of UVA and UVB light, so wear sunglasses that protect your eyes. Polarized lenses reduce glare even further, especially on reflective surfaces like water or snow. Wraparound styles offer added defense against wind and dust. If you’re going to be hiking on exposed trails or windy days, consider goggles, which provide a secure shield against dust and pebbles. For desert hikes, choose wide, brown, or gray lenses to reduce harsh sunlight and maintain good color perception. For mountain adventures, choose sunglasses that block UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, with mirrored or brightly colored lenses to handle changing light conditions, and goggles with anti-fogging properties and double lenses so you can see clearly in wet weather.

  • Sunglasses are essential: New Mexico’s high altitude means intense sunlight. Choose sunglasses with UV protection (UVA and UVB) to shield your eyes.
  • Consider polarized lenses: These further reduce glare, especially helpful on reflective surfaces like water or snow.
  • Wraparound for the win: Wraparound styles offer extra defense against wind and dust.
  • Goggles for tough conditions: For exposed trails or windy days, consider goggles for protection from dust and pebbles.

Tailoring Eye Protection for Your New Mexico Hike

Take eye protection into consideration when hiking in a desert: choose wide sunglasses with brown or gray lenses for a desert hike. A good color perception is crucial when navigating rocky terrain, which is why these sunglasses excel at reducing harsh sunlight. Mountain adventures call for sunglasses that block UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. As you move from sunny slopes to shaded forests, you can benefit from mirrored or brightly colored lenses. Last but not least, if you’re going on a snowy hike or going on a winter adventure, make sure that you buy anti-fogging goggles. Even in wet conditions, double lenses prevent condensation buildup.

  • Desert Hikes: If you want to navigate rocky terrain with good color perception, choose wide lenses such as brown or gray to block harsh sunlight.
  • Adventures in the mountains: Make sure your sunglasses block UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Lenses with mirrors or bright colors help you adjust to changing light.
  • Snowy Conditions: Invest in anti-fogging goggles with double lenses. These prevent condensation buildup for clear vision in wet weather.

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Always remember: Eye safety is of the utmost importance. Make sure you consult Fillmore Eye Clinic before making any vision-related decisions. Your New Mexico adventure will be one you will remember fondly for years to come with the right protection.

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