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Eye Care Services at Fillmore Eye Clinic

Your vision affords you the opportunity to be able to perform activities that are essential to the normal activities of daily life. Most people fail to realize that their eyes play a significant role in their overall health. Here at Fillmore Eye Clinic, our optometrist and ophthalmology service teams are dedicated to educating people about the importance of taking care of their eyes with regular comprehensive eye exams. Our practice offers a number of optometry services to help people maintain their vision. Here are some of them.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams are essential to the overall health of the eyes. There are a lot of people who believe that a screening of their vision is all they really need to do. There is a world of difference between an eye screening and a full comprehensive exam. Our optometry team provides our patients with complete exams that feature a battery of tests. These tests are conducted to evaluate your vision and the overall health of your eyes. Vision screenings are only designed to access vision.

Treatment and Prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome

Modern-day technology is amazing and has made it possible for people to have the world at their fingertips, but it has come with a cost that has a profound effect on vision. Here in our office, our optometry team makes educating people about the dangers of excessive exposure of blue light and its effect on the eyes a priority. We can provide our patients with both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses to help them protect their eyes from the dangerous blue light emitted from computers, handheld devices, and television sets. We also diagnose and treat computer vision syndrome. We make the diagnosis based on a series of tests that evaluate refraction, visual acuity, and focus and eye coordination. From there, treatment plans are designed to focus on the individual needs of each patient.

Lasik Surgery

Sometimes people make the decision to pursue other vision correction options besides eyeglasses and contact lenses. Here at Fillmore Eye Clinic, our staff can conduct eye exams and determine a patient’s eligibility for surgery. When the exam is complete and our patients are deemed to be good candidates for the procedure, we will walk our patients through the process and ensure that they are fully aware of all the pre and post-operative care needs. Our team follows up on every referral made and is available to assist them with post-operative eye care services. 

Sunglasses & Glasses

UV rays are a danger to the eyes no matter the season. Our practice recommends people protect their eyes from the sun with UV protection sunglasses to help minimize their chances of developing cataracts and retinal damage. We offer a number of UV ray protection sunglasses to choose from. Additionally, many of our eyeglass frames can accommodate sunglass lenses.

At Your Disposal

Here at Fillmore Eye Clinic, we are a full-service eye care service provider. Our main goal is to help every patient we see maintain and preserve their sight. To find out more about the services we offer, or to schedule an appointment to see us give us a call at 800-323-4764 today. We have nine offices and are located in Alamogordo, Deming, Ruidoso, Truth or Consequences, Silver City, Camino, South Valley, and Las Cruces!


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