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What if you wake up one morning to find out that your eyes are red, swollen, and itchy? It’s most likely a pink eye! What to do?! Apart from visiting your Las Cruces eye specialist as soon as you can, it pays to have a few tricks off your sleeve when confronted with eye problems. Read on!

Pink Eye

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is often caused by a virus. It means it will apparently heal itself and there is no need for you take loads of antibiotics. For relief from the discomfort brought about by pink eye, apply cold compresses. As pink eye is contagious, it is equally important that you take precautions in reducing chances of passing on the virus – avoid sharing cosmetics, towels, handkerchiefs, toiletries, etc.

It is best to visit your eye specialist as soon as you can because some pink eye cases are caused by bacteria and allergens hence the need for prescription drugs.

Black Eye

First of all, if your black eye is accompanied with blood, blurred vision, and inability to move the eyes, you might want to schedule an appointment with an eye specialist right away. To reduce the swelling that comes with a black eye, wrap some ice cubes with cloth and apply it to the affected eye. Avoid direct ice application as it will only damage your eyes.


A nasty-looking stye may send you panicking but they are actually harmless. A quick home remedy includes running a piece of cloth under warm water and placing it in the affected area after carefully wringing it. Once the warmth evaporates, repeat the aforementioned procedure and do this at least 3 times a day until the stye slowly disappears. The heat in the cloth will help open the pores in the eyelash area.

Also, it is best not to wear lenses or eye makeup while you have a stye. Lastly, never ever squeeze or pop a stye!

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