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Your eyes may look like a simple part of your body but on a whole, all seven basic parts of your eyes have complex functions. The Fillmore Eye Clinic, a Las Cruces ophthalmology center provides state-of-the-art eye care complemented with highly experienced doctors and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

We list down the following facts you may not know about your eyes!

1. Newborns do not actually produce tears. Tears do not start flowing until they are 4 to 13 weeks old.

2. Your eyes allow you to see by detecting light. The information it collects is then transmitted to your optic nerve and subsequently processed by your brain.

3. An estimated 95 percent of animals have eyes. Others are simple in function which pick up light while some animals have eyes with complex abilities such as the recognition of color, shape, and depth.

4. In comparison to other parts of the body which may take a while before it warms up, your eyes are always on their “A-game” 24/7. It takes about half of your brain for your entire vision processes to function.

5. On an average, you blink around 12 times per minute.

6. Your eyes heal quickly and it only takes at least 48 hours for a corneal scratch to completely heal.

7. Recessive eye traits could appear in between generations. You may not know someone in your family with green or blue eyes but it could appear once in later generations.

8. Your eyeball is one of those rare organs which could not be transplanted. Your optic nerve is too sensitive to be reconstructed.

9. The muscles which power up your eyes are one of the strongest and most active in your body.

10. Each of your eyes have their blind spot, situated at the back of the retina. You will notice these spots as each of your eyes work together to fill in this blind spot.

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